Contact Us

After the 2020 pandemic, it seemed silly to continue paying rent on our beautiful Newport Beach office so we’ve gone virtual. Our assessment team is located within the continental United States and has worked on previous engagements across five continents and 27 countries.

📧 Email

You may reach us at sales@specialopssecurity•com or reach the back office at acct@specialopssecurity•com.

☎️ Telephone

Reach us by telephone by dialing 888-R-U-OWNED in the United States. For some fun nostalgia, try sending us a FAX to 888-786-9633.

📮 Postal

If you must send us physical mail, you may route postal mail to our corporate agency at 5348 Vegas Drive, Suite 967, Las Vegas, NV 89108.

ğŸŽ¨ Graphics

Our graphic designer wanted you to know that our corporate logo is available as a high-resolution Encapsulated PostScript and is comprised of bespoke stylized lettering in Pantone PMS 5763 Green and PMS 452 Tan, with the word “Security” in pure white set in Linotype Bank Gothic® Medium.