Given the wide array of commercial and open source security products constantly flooding the market, it can be almost impossible to identify the best fit and the best value for your organization. Special Ops has the resources, methodology, and experience to conduct objective and extensive product testing in order to find the right solution for you. An in-depth report of our findings and a lightweight assessment of your network environment and operational needs can mean the difference between a great investment and just another piece of "shelfware."

We have experience performing full double-blind product "bake- offs" for very large customers that wanted an objective third-party to select security products for them using their own network as the testbed for the potential products without tying up any of their IT staff. After a week of intensive testing in cooperation with the final vendor selections, the customer received a complete objective breakdown of each vendor's solution and how it performed in their own network (rather than a magazine review). We also provided a subjective opinion on the product that we would purchase if the decision was ours. The customer had a wealth of information to consider when making their security product decision before taking product cost into consideration.

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